Japanese beauty-devices
for home care and aesthetic treatments

Combined technologies in a single treatment. Visible results in 2 weeks.

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Our company studies the problems of aging-related changes and offers solutions.

Expression wrinkles;
Change of skin texture;
Ptosis, loss of clear facial contours;
Eye area problems;
Nasolabial folds;
Dryness, sensitivity;
Vascular nets reduction;
Puffiness, pastosity
Signs of tiredness;
Spasmed muscles.


Home devices were less effective, mono-methods without giving visible results.


Artistic&Co. have multiply increased power and created multifunctional devices working in complex with SMAS.


The devices effectively work with aging-related changes and skin quality.

Technological developments on combining cosmetological methods, especially patented interval currents method mfip, allow Artistic&Co. devices to considerably improve the skin condition:

Wrinkles removing;
Complex rejuvenation;
Face sculpturing;
Skin tightening;
Muscle tone;
Puffiness removing.

after the 1st use:
Плюс 80% скульпутрный овал лица

Sculptural facial contours, clear lines

Минус 90% уменьшение отечности (Пастозности)

Less puffiness, pastosity

Проникновение сывороток плюс 85% по сравнению с обычным нанесением

Serum penetration in comparison with ordinary application

На 70% более сияющая кожа после первого применения

More radiant skin after the first use

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Artistic&Co. Brand developers, supervisors, cosmetologists and ambassador doctors.

Our company has collaborative developments with the expert team, Japanese and Korean scientists, professors, plastic surgeons supported by highly qualified specialists from all over the world. These people’s contribution in concept and methodology of working with aging-related changes is invaluable.


Lim Jong Hak

Professor of the Japanese Medical University Ehime, Chairman of the Esthetic Surgery Association.

The main medical advisor of Artistic&Co.

Maria Shirshakova

Cosmetologist, dermatologist, Ph.d. in medical sciences, owner of her own chain of clinics.

Artistic&Co. Supervisor.






Production plant of artistic&co. cosmetological equipment in japan

The company was founded in 2008 by Mr. Hideki Kondo in the city of Gifu, Nagoya district, Japan.

Currently headed by his sons Tatsuya and Haruki Kondo, comprises more than 1000m2 production areas and is considered to be one of the leading producers on the market of cosmetological equipment for professional and home use in South-Eastern Asia and in the world.

Завод-производитель косметологического оборудования Artistic&Co. в городе Гифу, округ Нагойя, Япония.

Distributor in Europe

ЦУМ Официальный Офлайн-Магазин Artistic&Co.

retail stores

Клиники и салоны лицензированные партнеры бренда

Clinics and salons
Official brand

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All the company’s innovations based on youth and beauty philosophy «4 care».

When creating our products we follow the idea of four important units, four «self» cares, offering quality and simple solutions to achieve maximum results with minimum time spent.

It is important for a person to understand and accept the structure striving to improve the quality of their lifestyle.

1 Care
Healthy lifestyle: sports, sleep, food

2 Care
Cosmetology Plastic surgery

3 Care
Aesthetic treatments in salons

4 Care
Home care:
Cosmetics, devices

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Unique advantages and patent methods of Artistic&Co. devices

The main purpose was:
1. Producing a device which could act on skin surface and its deeper layers as effectively as a professional device.
2. Fitting several methods combined within one procedure (patent method).;
3. Creating optimal ergonomics and design.

Patent method of
home SMAS-lifting

Запатентованная методика домашнего SMAS-Лифтинга

the inner potential
of your skin
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Results of cosmetological programs performed with artistic&co. devices

Regular use of Artistic&Co. devices for home care allows our clients to achieve remarkable results:

Frequently asked

  • 1.
    How can I choose the suitable model of the device?

    There are three main product lines:

    1. Miss Arrivo - for quick, easy use at home. Supportive care after cosmetological procedures and supplement to face-building exercises. Age 20-35 years old, area - face, battery model, power - 5-7 watts. Recommended for makeup artists to remove puffiness before applying makeup.

    2. Dr. Arrivo the Zeus - a professional and powerful model, for work with problem and/or age-relating skin at home. Age - over 35 years old, area - face, wired model, power - 12-17 watts. Works with facial contours and skin density.

    3. Dr. Arrivo Ghost - a large working area allows to carry out procedures with face and body, an increased number of LED lamps works with skin color, age - over 35 years old, area - face+body, wired model, power - 10 watts. Recommended for estheticians to carry out care procedures at their salons.

  • 2.
    Why are Artistic&Co. devices so expensive?

    Pricing constituents:

    1. A unique patent MFIP method (medium-frequency impulse currents) - this patent certifies an exclusive right, intellectual property of the company and does not allow to copy this solution. There are no analogues of this technique!

    2. Long-time scientific developments and clinical researches of the best Japanese and Korean estheticians.

    3. 100% Japanese - family business, more than 100m2 plant, engaged in development and production of exclusively cosmetological equipment for more than 15 years.

  • 3.
    What is the fundamental difference from other devices, including micro current ones?

    Artistic occupies a completely different device market niche in independent skin therapy, superior in developers’ competence, impact intensity, quantity and combinations of the used cosmetological and physiotherapeutic methods, and accordingly the results. Artistic&Co. devices are semiprofessional, created for face lifting and sculpturing, preventing active signs of esthetic appearance changes - skin quality and firmness, puffiness, gravitational ptosis, muscular apparatus atony.

    Artistic&Co. devices fit in rejuvenation and care programs of the most demanding users.

  • 4.
    What is MFIP mode?

    It is a special mode developed by Artistic&Co. technicians and physiotherapists. This mode was patented as a unique development used exclusively in Artistic&Co. devices. The principle of its work is based on the synergy of four main physiotherapeutic effects on skin, which are usually presented separately in cosmetology.

    Your skin is simultaneously acted by: interval current, multipolar RF lifting, electroporation, electromyostimulation.

    Before creating this function such a simultaneous work of these methods in home devices was impossible. So far there are no analogues of this method.

  • 5.
    How quickly will I see the result? How long does the effect last?

    Depends on the result you’re expecting. Puffiness removal and complexion improvement can be reached after the first procedure already.

    The maximal effect comes gradually and can be clearly seen after 2-3 weeks of regular use, your face looks healthier, pastosity is removed, puffiness does not bother you any more.

    The lifting effect can be immediate, which can last for a few hours after the procedure, or it can be prolonged, which has a cumulative effect if regularly used during 2-3 months. If you take a course and put aside the device, the result will last from 1 to 3 months depending on your lifestyle.

  • 6.
    Is there any warranty on the device? Service center?

    Warranty on the purchased device is 1 year.

    In case of detecting any problems in this period, feel free to contact our support service. If a warranty case occurs, the device can be replaced with a new one, or repaired at the expense of Artistic&Co. After the warranty period expires we continue to provide service support to our clients during the whole period of use. There is an authorized service center in Moscow.

  • 7.
    How can I check if the device is original or fake?

    Please pay attention to the fact that counterfeit products and Artistic&Co. brand fakes can be often found on the market because of the products’ great popularity and demand in South-Eastern countries. The price of such products is sufficiently lower, whereas technical characteristics and origin are unknown. Since the product interacts with your face directly, we do not recommend you to risk buying such fake products.

    Every original Artistic&Co. device is equipped with two types of protection:

    The first one is an individual serial number, which is assigned to every device and is taken into account in the common nomenclature database. Exactly this number is used for tracking and service.

    The second one - original devices have a special nfc mark, and when you point your phone camera at this mark, your phone automatically gives you the information on the device you’re holding in your hands.

  • 8.
    Are there any discounts or promotions?

    Artistic&Co. company has several programs:

    1. When purchasing on the official www.artistic-co.at web-site, you get a 10% discount for the entire range of devices during 7 days before and after your Birthday.

    2. We suggest carrying out a test procedure at the partner salon/clinic and receiving a compensation of its cost upon further purchase of the device from the web-site during 10 days.

    3. There are loyalty programs and one-time promotions for the products: when purchasing several devices, you receive special conditions;

  • 10.
    I want to make a present - what should I choose so as not to make a mistake?

    The easiest variant is considering the age: up to 25 years the most miniature device Miss Arrivo Vegas II from 25 to 35 - Miss Arrivo series 35+ - Dr. Arrivo the Zeus series or Dr. Arrivo Ghost. Another variant is a consultation with our cosmetologist, providing basic information on the gift recipient.

  • 11.
    If I buy the device, I won’t have to visit cosmetologists?

    The philosophy of Artistic&Co. company lies in home care interaction and supplement with cosmetology, and cosmetology interaction and supplement with home care. One complements the other. We have a «4 care» concept where the main components are: healthy lifestyle; visits to doctor cosmetologists; care procedures at salons; home care.

    If you are aimed at receiving the maximum results which will last for many years, then the device is your assistant on the way to beauty and yes, you will get great results with it.

  • 12.
    Is this the same as face-building?

    The technology developed by Artistic&Co. is based on a combination of medical physiotherapeutic methods and has a multifunctional impact. Face-building is an intentional toning up of single muscle groups, which definitely leads to good results if conducted systematically and by skilled and qualified instructors. In Artistic&Co. devices one of the six integrated methods (myostimulation) is responsible for work with muscles and alternates tonification and relaxation, preserving an important balance which helps to safely correct muscle disfunction. The devices perfectly supplement face-building exercises.

  • 13.
    Can the device do any harm?

    As any hardware physiotherapeutic impact Artistic&Co. has contraindications observing which you’ll have the most positive experience with the device. Artistic&Co. is technically created within safe amplitudes as additional security layers, for example the device with the biggest working area DR. ARRIVO GHOST PREMIUM was equipped with current cut-off sensor when the tissues heat up enough from RF impact. Technically the device created in Japan is the safest product on the market.

  • 14.
    Can I use the device, if I have rosacea/acne?

    An active stage of the disease (like acne or rosacea, when the inflammatory process on the face is obvious) is a direct contraindication to procedures with Artistic&Co. devices. You can return to the device only at the time of remission.

  • 15.
    How does order/checkout/delivery work?

    When purchasing the device on the web-site it is necessary to proceed to checkout filling in your data. Our manager will contact you, and if the delivery is within Moscow, you can agree on the suitable date and time of delivery, in this case payment upon delivery in cash or by card is possible. In case of delivery in Russia you receive a payment link from Promsvyazbank, and after payment confirmation the goods are sent by courier service. Delivery is free. Additional information on payment and delivery is at the link.

  • 16.
    How do Artistic&Co. devices work?

    The main principle of work is based on the deep stimulation of tissues at different layers. The device can work with the same efficiency on epidermal and dermal layers, hypoderm, muscle-aponeurotic layer - more known as smas. It is possible thanks to the simultaneous impact of 5 physiotherapeutic methods on the skin, and well-chosen current strength and voltage indicators, ultrasonic wave frequency and multipolar RF.

  • 17.
    Why are more powerful devices not equipped with batteries?

    The devices with power more than 7-7.5 Watts cannot operate on battery power because they require enormous energy to carry out a procedure. Our Miss Arrivo has a power of 7 Watts and therefore has a battery. The rest of the devices have record power of 10-17 Watts for home devices, therefore they are maximally effective for lifting procedures, but require a socket.

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